About Nicholas' Pet Haven

Nicholas Pet Haven was founded by Nicholas at the young age of 13. Today, at 22, he has made a significant impact by rescuing numerous animals and improving the lives of dogs and cats. We would greatly appreciate your support as we strive to continue our growth.

A photograph of a sign with the Nicholas Pet Haven logo on it

Our Adoption House can be found at 12903 Hwy 155 South in Tyler and is currently only open by appointment. If you are interested in adopting, please complete the adoption application found in the first post on our page. Your support is greatly appreciated.

To make a donation that will make a real difference to Nicholas Pet Haven, simply click here and donate through PayPal. Thank you!

Please Consider a Livesaving Donation

Help save the lives of innocent animals in need! Your donation to Nicholas' Pet Haven will provide food, shelter, and medical care for cats and dogs who have nowhere else to turn. Every dollar makes a difference and helps us continue our mission to protect and care for these loving creatures. Please donate now and make a positive impact in the lives of animals.